A typical day for Ana Melikian and why helping others actually helps yourself too

A typical day for Ana Melikian and why helping others actually helps yourself too

Evaldas: So, can you tell me what kind of day you have normally just so our listeners could get a little bit deep in your mind and see it.

Ana: Yeah. So, I’m a business coach so what my main occupation is is helping other coaches and consultants to get booked solid and to get clients mainly online, and my business is a home-based business.

*Photo Credit: FeldyMentor.com*

*Photo Credit: FeldyMentor.com*

We were speaking about accents and different languages. If people are wondering where my accent is from, it’s very rare that people — mainly in the United States because now I live Phoenix, Arizona here in United States — when I ask, “Where do you think I’m from?” very few people really get it right, but for your listeners, I will not make too much suspense about. I will go and say that I’m originally from Portugal in Europe. When I moved here to United States, my background is psychology. I was teaching in a college, a private university there having my private practice in clinical psychology and then, I moved here to United States because I had met a person, we decided to move and he’s here living in Phoenix and then I got married.

It was on all these transitions that I became a business coach and I want to have a home-based business just to have more freedom like so many of us that become solo entrepreneurs to have more freedom of my time. Still using my skills, but we have a little bit and creating time with more freedom of time. That is where my main occupation as a business coach came from and, still, most of my day is that.

So, I have a young daughter so she’s just turning — the day of the recording, she’s turning seven — and if people have small kids, you know how much they demand, our attention to them, and that is my morning. If you want the overview of my day, my morning is my little one waking me up because she’s the morning person and I’m not. So, she doesn’t need alarm clocks. I need an alarm clock and I got the best one, that is she!

Evaldas: That’s wonderful.

Ana: Both of us, me and my husband, and the day starts like that to getting things ready, to get her to school, and then I get myself ready. Then, the first thing is sitting here in front of the computer. I have a great home office with beautiful views here on Phoenix, on the mountains, and then try to plan the day. If it’s a good day, I start by doing the planning of the day, not just starting running, running, running. I usually try to keep Mondays and Fridays off from too many schedules except, sometimes, interviews like this one but not with clients. Then I do the booking of clients, usually what we call P2P from Tuesday to Thursday, in the middle of the week. Also, when I have my group calls, I usually have Tuesdays, or Thursdays and Wednesdays. So, I will be busy with the calls on those days, and Mondays and Fridays is more to work on projects. Then, once a week, when I’m doing the podcast on a weekly basis, one afternoon that would be — usually I divide it. I prepare the show, my podcast show, and then I record it and post-production, I have time blocked for that.

Evaldas: So you have everything organized already.

Ana: Yeah, we have to. One of the things when you are working for yourself, one of the skills that we have to learn a lot is organization, that’s for sure.

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