Ana’s way of succeeding in podcasting

Ana’s way of succeeding in podcasting

Evaldas: For my last question, I think it’s useful for our audience, as well. What one thing or maybe more than one thing you could suggest to anyone who wants to start a podcast, what he should do to succeed?

Ana: The podcast is a wonderful medium that is like everything. There is some work implied, so pick a topic that you love. Yes, you can be strategical if you have a business. You can use it to promote your business and it can be an amazing tool for that. But, pick an angle that you could be speaking about that for hours and hours and hours. You don’t mind reading about that. You have to really be passionate about what you are speaking in your podcast because that energy is going to be felt in the other side by the listener. Sometimes takes time to take traction and you really have to enjoy the process.

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Evaldas: That’s wonderful advice. That’s it for today’s questions and where can our listeners find you if they want to contact you or just listen to your podcast?

Ana: Listen to the podcast in any app like iTunes or even if they have a Google phone, they also can find me there but look for MINDSET ZONE. MINDSET ZONE. It will be the easiest way or even if you — in internet, you just go So instead of .com, you use the word “zone”, That will take you directly to my website where you will see MINDSET ZONE podcast in the top. You have a player there too and how to connect to iTunes or Stitcher, whatever is the medium that you prefer to listen to the podcasts.

Evaldas: We’ll put it in the show notes. So, thank you, Ana. It was a really great experience. I felt like I learned a lot not just from podcasting, but psychology, as well.

Ana: A pleasure, and thank you for inviting me for your show. It’s really great.

Evaldas: Have a great day!

Ana: Thanks.

Evaldas: Feel free to comment on the show’s blog post. Give a review on iTunes or just shoot me an email to and just give me any comments like what you like about the show or what you don’t like, and I’m sure to read every one of them.

The next episode, we’ll bring you someone who has started podcasting even when Google didn’t have any results for what “podcast” actually means. You just have to listen to this.

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