Andrew Lock on Starting “Help My Business” Podcast

Andrew Lock on Starting “Help My Business” Podcast



Andrew Lock: As well.

Evaldas Miliauskas: So what made up your mind to start your show?

Andrew: Well, I saw that there was a big interest growing online with video and this was really around the time that YouTube started because before YouTube, video was very difficult to watch online. It was very small and it moved very jerky because a lot of people still had slow internet speeds. And so when YouTube came along, they had some really cool technology that made it a lot easier to — well, first of all, it was free to host a video, which was a big thing, but also they had some clever technology that made it a little smoother and it was kind of a big breakthrough. And so when I saw this happening, I realized that video is only going to become bigger online and I saw a lot of people doing audio podcasts and I thought, “Well, my original background was as a cameraman for BBC and other organizations,” and so it was something I knew how to do. You know, video is not easy to do but it’s something that was very much in my comfort zone. And so I realized, “Hey, this is a good way that I can stand out from the crowd in creating a show that is visual and engaging more senses.” And so there’s plenty of audio podcasts and I like audio podcasts as well. But one of the ways that I was able to stand out was by doing video because there are less video shows out there.


Evaldas: And you do try to make an effort to make each episode somehow unique, as I see it.

Andrew: Yeah, very much so. Sometimes I have guests but, usually, not very often. And the big thing is that I try to make the show entertaining. I try and make people smile and laugh and have fun and that makes it a lot more engaging than just presenting that sort of generic business information which so many do.

Evaldas: And did you plan, initially, to do a show on marketing or was it something you came up later?

Andrew: Yeah, no I always knew that I wanted to do it on marketing because I am an entrepreneur myself and I’ve always been interested and fascinated by the world of marketing so it was a very natural topic for me to go into and that’s where I’ve done the whole time.

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