Andrew teaches how to make money out of a podcast

Andrew teaches how to make money out of a podcast

Evaldas: So we could go back a little to the business topic, how do you see it? Is it possible to monetize a podcast or just to earn a living out of it where a show is yours?

Andrew: Definitely. There’s a number of ways to make money. One of the simplest ways would be to have an affiliate offer which is you promote a product or service that someone else is offering but you have a unique link that tracks the sales from your listeners or viewers. So, obviously, it should be something that is relevant to the topic of your show. That’s a very easy way to do it. And then probably the next step from there would be to get a sponsor. And a sponsor is someone who pays you a set amount for each episode in return for you endorsing them or a particular product or service. So that’s what I’ve done with my show over the years and it’s been great. So those are two very easy ways to directly make money from a show.

Evaldas: What about when books — I see that veteran podcasters usually – in some, maybe it’s a trend or something – but we publish our own books, also promote through way of podcast.

Andrew: A book is a good tool as well. It’s a very natural fit to promote a book in a show. And, again, the world is changed. There was a time when it was, really, you could only create – publish – a book through a book publisher. But, these days, anybody can publish a book. There are many online resources, like Amazon has a program where they will – as long as you format the book and have a cover created – they can help you. They can manufacture the books on demand and they can help you sell it too. So it’s definitely a lot easier to create a book. And, if you’ve got a topic in mind, anybody can write and have a book published these days. That’s exciting.

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Evaldas: And is that how you approach your book writing or are you doing another?

Andrew: Yeah, I’ve done it both ways. I’ve done a few books as self-published and I’ve done some that are published. There are pros and cons with each of those methods. The self-published is a lot faster and you’ll make more money but published is better for credibility. It’s a lot slower to go through the system and it takes at least a year. But you also have the potential to get your book into bookstores. So there’s pros and cons with each of those different methods.

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