Andrew’s way of dealing with challenges

Andrew’s way of dealing with challenges

Evaldas: What do you think was the biggest pain point when you started out?

Andrew: Yeah, that’s a good question. I think, to begin with, there was certainly some technical challenges figuring out how to do the video show on a budget. And I think, also, I hadn’t had a lot of experience as a presenter and so I was learning that skill. I was learning to become more comfortable in front of a camera. You know, I don’t like the way I looked in those first episodes but you have to start from somewhere. Another challenge was, in preparing each episode, I wanted to write out scripts so that it would be very — it would be fast moving and a logical flow and that’s a skill too, you know, to write something that sounds natural when you say it because we do use different words and a different when we talk, when we have a conversation compared to when we write. Most people write in a very formal way so I had to sort of overcome that tendency and learn to write as I talked.


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Andrew: So that took me a while, too, to do that. And then the other challenge, I think, was building up the audience because, you know, I started with just a handful of viewers of people that knew me. But, of course, I want to get the word out there and that takes a lot of time and effort to do that. But within about six months of persistence, it was beginning to pay off and the quality was good so it started to get shared and there were a lot less shows than there are now so it was easier to stand out in the crowd. But, yeah, there was certainly a lot of different obstacles and challenges but I always say to people, “If you’re thinking about doing a show now, that’s great, but you’ve got to be willing to persist with it.” Most people did give up too soon. If they’re not immediately successful within the first few weeks, the tendency is to give up. But you have to be willing to show persistence and believe in what you’re doing and continue to do it even when you don’t have many listeners or viewers.

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