Behind Josh’s great podcast renaissance

Behind Josh’s great podcast renaissance

Evaldas: It just opens quite a bit about possibilities. That’s the interesting thing about internet. Everyone is brought up together. It doesn’t matter, these days, where you live. So, there are quite a few JavaScript podcasts out there. Do you think there’s something in yours that keeps the listeners coming back?

Josh: Yeah, I would say it’s definitely — you know, the Crater Podcast started as the Meteor Podcast. Obviously, I wanted to branch out into a little more broad technology topics. So, we renamed from Meteor Podcast to Crater Podcast because any of the news we talk about comes straight off of Crater every week so it made more sense to kind of align those brands. But, I think the Meteor skew or slant that we tend to have when we’re talking about the news kind of keeps people interested. I also have SpaceDojo Show. It was called the Meteor Club Podcast. But, in a similar fashion, we want to expand that to include a lot more JavaScript-based topics that I think are interesting. Since we made the switch, I feel comfortable inviting people like Bonnie Eisenman to talk on the podcast about React Native. We had Justin from Bitovi to talk about DoneJS and I think that stuff is interesting and it’s interesting to kind of the core media or community that formed my early listener base.

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Evaldas: I liked that you go over there very pretty technical in your podcast so it’s sort of niches for developing audience you’re targeting. I think that’s one of the biggest trend from your podcast, from my perspective.

Josh: Interesting.

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