Beth’s reason for podcasting

Beth’s reason for podcasting

Evaldas:  So, your podcast is now running for around six years, right?

Beth:  It’s almost six years, yeah.  It’ll be six years in June.

Evaldas:  So, if you reflect to your past, how do you feel about it?

Beth:  I feel really proud of it.  I feel really good about it.  I have to say–everybody has a different reason for starting a podcast, and my initial reason was just curiosity.  And somebody asked me to create a short—like maybe twenty-five minute show—that was for like an online radio network.  I did a few episodes and that didn’t quite pan out, because they had a pay-per-download model.  And I found very intriguing because I feel like it’s important to be generous, with sharing in of free information and experiences and what-not.  I also believe strong rabid–maybe this is the entrepreneur in me, but when there’s an even exchange of value, when you’re creating something that’s really important for people or informative for people.  I should say, it feels good to be able to exchange value, but that particular model didn’t work, so I ended up saying, “Whoa, I’m actually enjoying this.  I didn’t know what I was gonna get out of it, but I’m having a lot of fun with this.”  So, I just took the episodes that I’d already produced, and put them on iTunes, and just started doing it.

And when I look back, it’s connected me to so many people that I don’t know that I would’ve been able to form as quick of a relationship with, as I would have otherwise.  And it’s really broadened–like I said, different people have different reasons, but for me, part of it was to kind of create a circle of influence, connect myself with people who are doing what I wanted to do, and that were influential amongst their own peers.  And so by association, I was able to connect with them and then be able to broaden my own circle.  So when I look back, I’m just really proud of sticking with it, and being brave with some of the people that I would ask to interview.  And I’m just being able to create something that has proven to be just a huge asset both in terms of growing my business, and in terms of my own personal growth.

Evaldas:  Probably need a lot of courage to start it all, at first.

Beth:  And I think when I first started, I was a little bit–you know, they’d say ignorance is bliss, and so I don’t know that I really realized what I was doing, and so I think that was probably good cos I was just like, “This is fun.”  And it wasn’t a lot of pressure, I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself.  I didn’t know what was gonna happen and I think that that was important for me to be able to, just start.  And then be able to keep going.

Evaldas:  That’s what many people want to do, something just to start a podcast or anything.  And I’d say a common advice from whoever does it for to start a business:  Is just to start, and once you start it, you start learning on the way.

Beth:  Yeah, yeah.  And I think podcasting is something that you’re not gonna get it perfect the first episode or even maybe the tenth or the fiftieth episode.  Hopefully, you develop a pattern and a feeling of confidence and expertise that I have, at least for me, I found that I’m always tweaking it a little bit as I go.  And hopefully making it better, so I do believe that is something that’s not static, but there can be an evolution to it.

Evaldas:  Well, actually when I listened to your shows, I like the first ones and the latest ones that have this sort of your personal touch on, before beginning of the podcast episodes where you just speak about your guest and can’t say like a pinup but your thoughts about it.  So, I think that is truly nice.

Beth:  Oh, thank you.

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