Building An Agency with Gray Mackenzie

Building An Agency with Gray Mackenzie

Gray Mackenzie is a Co-Founder of GuavaBox, a Pittsburgh-based Inbound Marketing Agency and he also cofounded DoInbound – a project management tool designed for agencies. Gray also runs a Agency Toolbox Podcast that educates his listeners how they can run their agencies better.

Over the past 4+ years as the operations guy at GuavaBox, and now at DoInbound, Gray learned a lot about marketing tools, apps, and workflows, and even a lot of helpful lessons about balancing the competing forces of efficiency and frugality. That’s why he started this podcast — to share the practical lessons he has learned, along with the tools that were used along his journey of scaling GuavaBox from a college dorm room to a successful inbound marketing agency.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • When to pivot your podcast direction
  • Finding time for yourself even after running 2 business
  • How to find your way with a bike during Tokyo rush hour

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