Career lessons to Jason’s younger self

Career lessons to Jason’s younger self

Evaldas: Definitely. So, Jason, if I give you a time machine right now and you go back to yourself, ignoring a time paradox and multi-universe things, what advice would you give to yourself back then?

Jason: I mean, something that I did pretty well already is that I just was willing to experiment a lot and discover what worked well for me. I mean, one of the best things that I’ve managed to do over the last 10 or so years of being an entrepreneur is try different ideas. I mean, just the podcasting idea is one example. Or earlier than that, though, I tried my hand at real estate investing and that didn’t work out. I mean, I made some money out of it but I didn’t really enjoy it, and that’s because it wasn’t suited to my strengths and interests.

So, I guess I would have just given myself that encouragement just to keep going, keep trying things out, and believe that you have value to give in the world because you can’t even imagine how much impact you are going to end up having, because I didn’t. I had no idea that, eventually, so many people all over the world would listen to me and enjoy my content, find such value in it, and that it would make me so much money. So, it’s a matter of experimenting and you just got to keep going and not doubt that you have value to bring to the world and you just keep on trying stuff out, and eventually, the market will tell you what it is that they value and are willing to pay for.

I guess, maybe the one thing that I didn’t do that I might tell myself is I would go back and tell myself around 2008, 2009 when I kind of hit a really new successful level with Internet Business Mastery and my other business pursuits, I feel like there was a few years there where I kind of rested on my laurels. You know, things were going well, I was making good money, I started upgrading my lifestyle, and I was like, “This is great. I’m just going to enjoy this for a little while because I’ve been hustling so much.” And it’s okay to take a break but I think I did that for too long, and rather than just keep on going and keep on being more consistent, I think I lost some ground in there for a little while.

So, that’s one thing I would tell myself is, “Look, you got to keep innovating, you got to keep pushing forward. You can’t just rest on your laurels because there’s always somebody coming up behind you ready to overtake your position and do the next new interesting thing.” So, that’s probably the thing I would tell myself that I didn’t do that I wish I had done better.

Evaldas: Lessons learned.

Jason: Yeah, absolutely.

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