Charming Your Listeners with Jason Young

Charming Your Listeners with Jason Young

Jason Young co-hosts a podcast called msdevshow, which delves into everything around dev talk – focusing mainly but not entirely on Microsoft technologies, life of developers and fun stuff under the hood. He also enlightens other developers with his talks in difference conferences around the world.

One of the few nuggets that he dropped in his show is, “When you’re afraid of showing your work like code to a colleague due to overthinking that its not good enough, than you have an imposter effect.” Another nugget from his show I’d like to share is, “Expert beginner means you need to get the fundamentals right before you can actually grow more.”

In today’s episode, you will learn:

  • How he got from zero to hero reaching 50k downloads a month
  • Having fail switch that ensures guests audio is good
  • What steps to take to fix a old game console in deserted island

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Transcription in Podlog

A normal day for Jason Young
Jason tells us how his podcast got started
Jason likes to play and other “simple” games
How Jason would fix an SNES while stranded on an island
The biggest challenges for Jason in starting his podcast
What Jason thinks of other podcasts
What Jason would do in a blacked out arcade house
Tech Spot with Jason Young
Jason gives tips on how to acquire a good sponsorship
Jason tells us about being lazy

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