Chloe’s biggest challenge in podcasting

Chloe’s biggest challenge in podcasting

Evaldas: Yeah. I mean online, you don’t know what’s behind the end of the wire. Just approximation I guess. All right, very good tips that I enjoy. So as you mentioned, when you and I are talking about your podcast and you pointed out one problem is finding a guest. You pointed out that they were kind of — or maybe a bigger challenge you faced when you started your podcast?

Chloe: All the tech, the technology. I now realize that I’ve made a massive issue of trying to get the technology right, and I could have done it a lot more simply than I actually did, both in terms of the hardware — I mean right now, I’m superb on listening, I’m speaking on a 30 pound Jabra headset that I’ve had for years and use for all my online chats, because it means my hands are free. But I went out and bought a proper mic with an arm, with complicated excelar, cabling, that then require some kind of mixer and different headphones in order to get it into my laptop. I bought another laptop because I thought I needed a higher spec laptop to do all of these. I did all of that, and now I realize that yeah, it improved to my audio quality, but I could have just started with the mic I’ve already got, and it probably wouldn’t make any difference to the performance of my podcast. I don’t regret buying, I’m glad I’ve got it, but I do regret the amount of time I spent fretting over the technology, over the hardware, when actually I had a perfectly serviceable system already in place.

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Then I made exactly the same mistake with the software, saw these things as well. So I try to work out to use a Dolby audition, pretty much did a lot of swearing at the screen while I was trying to learn what they refer to things that normal people refer to as volume or stereo, and various other crazy complex things.

Then I decided that I’m going to outsource the editing. After more toys at the pram, trying it to work as how to record it, I realize that all along I’ve always used Camtasia to do my voice over video, which is a program I get, I understand it. Lo and behold, when I hooked it up to Skype, it records on two channels. I’ve just been downloading, installing, tweaking this, tweaking that different cables all the rest trying to get it, and how to program that and knew how to use it already on the computer which worked. So tech, in terms of hardware and software was a massive hell decline for me.

Evaldas: Yeah. It feels like you had a lot of challenges.

Chloe: Yeah. I think I thought it was more complicated than it was and it actually wasn’t.

Evaldas: I guess sometimes we try to make things complicated and maybe if you’re thinking about something — other kind of things and you’re comparing that, you have to prepare a lot so that you make it for yourself harder to do it.

Chloe: Yeah. I mean I don’t know how much of it was not taking the right advice and I’d ignored the right advice, and how much of it was just fear of putting the podcast live, and finding other things to get annoyed with. So there might been a little bit of procrastination going on I think, actually.

Evaldas: Yeah. I know what you mean.

Chloe: I’ve explained it very badly.

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