Chloe’s tips for launching a successful podcast

Chloe’s tips for launching a successful podcast

Evaldas: Definitely. Alright. It’s a conversation that’s very interesting. I want to just give you one last question. As you mentioned already, we have quite a bit of tips, but I want to leave my listeners who are tuning in right now, what one or two things you would recommend for anyone starting out a new podcast? What should we do to make it successful from a start?

Chloe: I think anyone will be surprised by this, but don’t worry about the tech and outsource the editing. Just do that straight away because that means you can focus on the content, and the content is the most important thing. It’s what going to get people interested in the first place and it’s what going to keep people listening. I think, another thing to add into that is don’t start it unless you firmly believe you can do it. You can keep your own momentum going for at least three to six months, because it takes a long time for the stats to build, so you’ve got to be willing to just keep plugging away at it even if you’re only getting, say a hundred listens a week, to see that, to believe in yourself and believe it’s going to grow as you go. So those would be my fairly straight forward tips for someone just starting.

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Evaldas: Nice. Alright. Thanks Chloe, and can you tell where people can find you or reach out if they want to know more about your podcast, or what you’re doing?

Chloe: Hopefully, as this podcast hits the airwaves, I will be all over Amazon, and you won’t be able to miss me. Fingers crossed. But you can find out details about everything I do at You can find out details about the new book at, but you’ll find links there on as well. If you want to get in touch with me personally, Twitter is probably the best way to do that, where I’m @chloe_ecmp, so that’s short for eCommerce Master plan.

Evaldas: Wonderful. Alright Chloe, it was an enjoyable talk. I appreciate very much your time.

Chloe: Thank you.

Evaldas: Have a nice day.

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