Choosing a niche for Colin Gray’s podcast

Choosing a niche for Colin Gray’s podcast

Evaldas: I’m just interested, what did affect you — like podcasting journal, do you have been a listener first, and then you sort of jump into doing your own podcast, and why did you chose to do this specific topic about the podcast instead of doing some specific topic as it usually is?

Colin: Yeah. I first started listening 2007, so that was when I first find out about podcast. I actually ironically phoned up few podcast episodes on a disc, on a CD on the front of a magazine. So that’s how I first listen to a podcast, and it was all about web design because that’s when I was playing my time, I used to do a lot of work with design, creating new websites so I got really into that. I really enjoyed the show, really got to know the guys. We we’re doing it with some — the Boagworld podcast by a couple of guys and Brett and I suggested that I start with a British podcast, got to know them — I just enjoyed that show so much. I got to know the guys that run it and the hosts so well just through what they are giving to us. I think it just struck me the power that that medium had to really create fans because I trusted them so much through everything that they taught me, to the personality that comes across to the podcast the minute, to tie my lesson to that podcast. Like an hour every week pretty much. I just got to know them so well, I’ve got to trust them so well. I think I realize that power of that medium had and that made me think I need to start some of my own.

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The first show that I started wasn’t about podcasting at all, it was about mountain bikings. So that’s my passion outside of podcasting. Outside of work, I go at my bike all the time, so I started to talk about mountain biking on the podcast and I’ll still do that every now and then. It’s kind of an intermittent podcast, that one, but it turns quite well, really enjoy doing it. As you say, I moved onto a podcasting podcast which is our sort of our flagship show nowadays as opposed from the company where we teach people how to podcast. But that’s kind of how I enter as opposed to seeing how well it worked for other people, trying it for myself with a mountain biking, when seen the engagement I got through that, and really, that’s what made me think of trying it to teach other people how to do that and benefit the same way.

Evaldas: Yeah, it’s a great story. If you like something that you do, why not try it so, as well?

Colin: Exactly, yeah.

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