Colin’s tips on how to minimize the possibility of mistakes

Colin’s tips on how to minimize the possibility of mistakes

Evaldas: I guess it’s just — once you start doing a thing, you get better and better. There’s no avoidance of making mistakes at first.

Colin: Yeah. You’re always going to make mistakes at first, but the key thing I think is to minimize the possibility of those mistakes. If you overcomplicate your equipment then you can make mistakes in all sorts of different ways by plugging on your own cable, but if your equipment is as simple as possible, then the only mistakes you can make are going to be in your presentation skills and your content design skills. So how you put together your episodes, your script, and that’s the stuff — like I see, that’s the most important part, and you’ll learn from those mistakes early and often, and that’s what makes you good. That’s what makes you really good at presenting and creating great content, and then once you’re creating great content on a consistent basis, that’s when you can improve your audio skills, you audio work quality.

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Evaldas: It’s all about engagement and growing your audience.

Colin: Yes totally. Absolutely. As you record it on a 20 quid microphone, as long as it’s serviceable, as long as it’s okay, as you record it on that with engaging content, it’s going to be far more popular than as you record it on like a 5 grand audio kit, that haven’t been much practice into their presentation skills.

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