Delegating better and getting tasks done effectively

Delegating better and getting tasks done effectively

Evaldas: I definitely see quite a few guests that have already have done an ebook out of the transcripts. We have the audio transcripts, but not everyone, I guess, reads them, and having that nice e-book format helps.

Jason: Well, I think the “ideal” situation is that your content goes out in a number of forms. Like, ideally, we would create a podcast and it would also end up as a blog post and it would also end up as a number of Twitter tweets, and then maybe post it on Facebook, and maybe we would take some quotes out of it and create images and put that on Instagram. You get my point, right?

Now, the reality is there’s only so many resources that you have, and especially when you’re a solopreneur, or even when you do have a little bit of a team, you have to delegate the time and energy of your team very strategically, and I think that people make a big mistake with too many channels at once, because they end up spreading themselves too thin, getting them all ineffectively because I’ve done that before with my own businesses. “Oh, I need to be on YouTube, and this, and this, and this,” and end up doing them all really, really badly rather than just one or two channels really, really well.

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So, I think, ideally, when you start out, you have your primary content channel, which is either audio, video, or blog. You have one social media channel, whether that’s Twitter, or Facebook, or whatever, and then you have your email newsletter, and just focus on doing those three really, really well, and don’t do anything more than that until you have, at least, a part-time team helping you out. So, you can come up with a strategic way of leveraging everything. Don’t just spread yourself thin because you think you got to go out there and be everywhere.

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