Do you know how to break the rules? Let Andrew Lock teach you

Do you know how to break the rules? Let Andrew Lock teach you

It all started with potatoes… As a kid, Andrew challenged every ‘normal’ way of making money that was accepted by all the other kids.

In 2008, Andrew created his own WebTV show to help other entrepreneurs, called “Help! My Business Sucks!”  In 2015 the name was changed to “Help My Business!” to better reflect the more advanced marketing concepts that are included in the show, and it became the #1 video podcast in the ‘marketing’ category of Apple iTunes.

“Help My Business!”’ is a free, weekly web TV show that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to build a better business and stand out from the crowd.

It’s been described as “The Daily Show for Entrepreneurs” which gives a flavor of what to expect: dry British humor, playful sarcasm, and irreverence, with a soft and chewy center of both entertainment and brilliant marketing insights.

Hosted by maverick marketer Andrew Lock, a.k.a. the “Yoda of Marketing” (not because he’s short with green pointy ears, but because of his encyclopedic knowledge of marketing), the show provides a proliferation of practical marketing tips, big business lessons from well known brands, and lots of little known online resources that small business owners can use to increase their profits fast.  It’s become more popular than a supermodel at a Catholic boys boarding school 😉

On this show you will find out:

  • What kind of rules breakers you can use for your podcast
  • How to make sure the show runs smoothly
  • And how to pick the right audience

One more idea I like to share from Andrews blog: The customer is not always right, but they are always the customer. In this one sentence, this hits the nail for what his podcast is truly about. You can listen to Andrew on their podcast Help My Business, read his blog, or follow him on Twitter.

You can also listen to us:

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