Early life and Career of Chloe Thomas

Early life and Career of Chloe Thomas

Evaldas: Getting back to the podcast, I’m interested, how did you come up with the idea of starting your own podcast and what was was the story behind it?

Chloe: It’s quite convoluted I think. I’ll try and make it not too convoluted for you. I’ve been on a bit of a mission for the last few years to help eCommerce business people that eCommerce business people don’t tend to leave their desks, or they tend to stay and work on their business because they don’t need to go network and that’s not how they recruit their customers. It can be very hard to find them. I went about writing books as a method to try and build myself a big audience, but actually, the book is only step one. Marketing the book can be quite challenging, and you only get one launch. So if you’ve written the whole book which takes an awful lot of time and effort, both to write it and to then go through the final stages of production and get it out there.

If you don’t do the launches as well as you could, then you missed that opportunity with that book. I went to various events and was speaking at various events. When someone else was speaking, he kept raving about podcasting. I had a long chat with him and decided that podcasting was the way to go, and this time I was going to do it properly. I set aside a six month window to get everything else in the business sorted out, so I could properly go about the podcast launch. It’s been quite a fascinating journey ever since really.

*Photo Credit: Curatti.com*

*Photo Credit: Curatti.com*

That hopefully are not too convoluted reasons for starting a podcast. Actually, just makes it a little bit more convoluted. The reason I think podcasting should work well for my business and has been working well for my business is that my customers could be anywhere in the world. I’m sitting in England, actually in England, we’re probably more sophisticated at eCommerce than in any other country in the world, which means places that aren’t England is where I should be able to find more customers than places that are in England, because everyone’s trying to catch up to where we already are, saying that there’s still a lot of people needing help in the UK.

So podcasting gives me that global audience in a very simple way, and helps me really get into the air. It lets you get into the air, got to build the relationship with people without actually needing to do the one-to-one piece, so that the one-to-many is very very powerful with podcasting.

Evaldas: Yeah. I mean you’re actually talking like one-on-one, but because of podcasting you’re leveraging the digital kind of conversation as we call it.

Chloe: Yeah.

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