Experiences that makes Jason smile

Experiences that makes Jason smile

Evaldas: So, I see this common pattern. I mean, this uncertainty that, probably, every entrepreneur faces and it’s really good to know that or maybe think that you know that something would succeed or having that reality in your mind. So, how about some dorayaki just to keep the energy flowing?

Jason: Sorry? Say that again. What was that question?

Evaldas: How about some dorayakis? It’s a Japanese dessert. Just to keep some energy flowing.

Jason: Oh, right. I wasn’t familiar with that Japanese term.

Evaldas: Yeah, I just Googled like a half an hour ago.

Jason: Oh, okay. Cool.

Evaldas: Just to keep a little bit different excite. I’m actually interested, do you have any stories that, if you remember from your podcast, the experience that make you smile when you remember?

Jason: Experiences that make me smile? There’s a couple things that happen along the way, which is like, “Wow, I can’t believe.” For instance, in my early, early days learning how to be an entrepreneur, learning about marketing, learning that I enjoyed marketing, was actually good at it, I studied a gentlemen by the name of Dan Kennedy that a lot of people might be familiar with. He’s not as well-known on the internet, but he’s just kind of an old-school direct marketer copywriter, a very successful copywriter, and I learned a lot from him.

He really formed my abilities, and skills, and philosophy early on as an entrepreneur and a marketer, and a few years later, I had the opportunity to run into him. I just saw him at a conference. It was BookExpo of America where it’s a big book conference for authors and publishers every year, and I was doing a book signing for my book, at the time, which is called “Promoting Your Podcast“, and all of a sudden, I looked up and there he was standing right there talking to somebody. So, I immediately stood up and grabbed my book and handed it to him and just said, “Hey, I’d love to give you a copy of this just because you’ve had such an impact on my life.”

*Photo Credit: Strategicvisionpr.com*

*Photo Credit: Strategicvisionpr.com*

So, it was cool to rub shoulders with somebody that had been kind of a virtual mentor to me, and then it went even further in coming full circle in that a couple years after that, because of this book, and handing it to him, it ended up in the hands of his business partner, at the time, Bill Glazer, who kind of ran the company that published all of Dan Kennedy‘s biggest newsletter and all of his other information, and they invited me to come and be the keynote speaker at a conference about social media.

I just remembered speaking on that stage, opening up that stage, and one of the first things I did was just tell the story of reading my first Dan Kennedy book. Like just trying to figure it out as an entrepreneur what I was going to be doing and how amazing it was now to be standing in front of an audience of like 300 people and just because of applying what Dan Kennedy had taught me, as well as the other things I’d learned elsewhere and just, again, trying things out and sticking it out in that it was just kind of cool to come full circle and now be there on his stage. I had gone to conferences and watched him speak, and now that I’ve been invited to keynote on his stage for a number of his students, so that was just an amazing experience.

As you put yourself out there, the thing that I love doing now is helping create these self-made kind of unlikely influencers. So, people who have an amazing message to share with the world, they’re really good at what they do or they just have an aspiration to make an impact, and the internet provides, now, an opportunity unlike ever before to put yourself out there, get attention, attract an audience around you, build up influence, and attract amazing opportunities, have an impact with what it is that you share, and that’s exactly what happened for me was to have somebody now to be there helping impact others on the stage of somebody who had impacted me so much was just kind of a cool full circle thing to have that opportunity.

Evaldas: You never know what kind of small events have a ripple effect.

Jason: Yeah, absolutely. It’s so amazing.

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