Facing and solving challenges

Facing and solving challenges

Evaldas:  Can you state one single problem you had, like when you started out, that you would call the most challenging one?

Rob:  Yeah.  I think the big challenge with starting a podcast was of the same challenge that I encountered when I started my blog, it’s just NO ONE cares.  There’s always so much noise, there’s always so many other people trying to get attention, that no one really wants to hear from you when you’re still an unknown.  So that was it, it was launching to just a few hundred people listening, and then it was you showing up every week and slowly building momentum.

And also saying things that people care about, like you need to have an opinion, I think.  If you don’t have a fairly-strong opinion or a stand on something that’s different with what other people are saying, then it’s not likely that you’re gonna pick up momentum and be able to build that audience.  Cos if there’s someone else already filling that niche, and they’re doing a really good job, people don’t necessarily want another podcast unless you offer some unique twist on it.  You don’t have to be totally different.  I mean there are a lot of marketing podcast, so there are a lot of SEO podcast, so that you can certainly have more than just one, but I think having unique voice really will help you grow quicker.

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Evaldas:  It’s sort of gets you to build up expertise and influence you can use to get more listeners.

Rob:  That’s right.  That’s right.

Evaldas:  So, Rob already tried out that soy sauce he mentioned, especially home-brewed with ten generations of expertise behind it.

Rob:  Sure, why not.

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