Favorite podcasts that Carla & Emma listen to

Favorite podcasts that Carla & Emma listen to

Evaldas: Okay, so let’s get to some rice balls with tuna, as I would say.

Carla & Emma: What!?

Evaldas: So do you have any favorite podcasts of your own? Do you listen to something?

Carla & Emma: Yeah, we do. We listen to a couple. Girlboss has a podcast. So you know the book — what’s the name? Sophia Amoruso?

Carla & Emma: Yeah, so she created and was the founder of Nasty Gal. So she was a fashion designer, I guess. And later, she collects vintage items.

Carla & Emma: And she pretty much has an epic empire and we loved her book —

Carla & Emma: #Girlboss.

Lewis howes

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Carla & Emma: Yeah, #Girlboss, and then we found out she had a podcast and we’re super excited about it. So she interviews amazing women in really high jobs or who created amazing companies. So it’s super inspirational. We also listen to Lewis Howes. We love his podcast. We find them really inspiring. Like he always has such high profile people and they always have such great messages. So I think, always great to hear the story behind the success and really understand that everybody does start kind of from the same place. Like we all start from the same place and everybody has the same opportunities as everyone else. So I think that that’s really inspiring. We also listen to Nathan Chan’s Foundr. And, again, I just love that.

Carla & Emma: Yeah, he just – I guess – he really interviews people who — like online entrepreneurs mainly. So that’s really helpful and it’s pretty actionable as well like he always tries and gets some info out of them that’s like, “Oh yeah, I can go home and do that right now or work towards that.” So we love those kind of podcasts where you can actually like — either the inspirational ones or the actionable ones are really awesome. And then I guess we also have a few meditation podcasts that we listen to as well.

Carla & Emma: Oh yeah, we listen to the Hay House podcast.

Carla & Emma: Yeah.

Evaldas: So you’re quite a bit of interested in meditation as you would say.

Carla & Emma: Yeah. Yeah, meditation changed our lives. Like, I think before we started meditating, it was very — our lives were very kind of — 1415

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