Favorite Podcasts that Nicola listens to

Favorite Podcasts that Nicola listens to

Evaldas: What do you listen to?

Nicola: Yeah, the ones that I really enjoy are all the conversation between two people. So, I like James Schramko, Think Act Get, with Ezra Firestone. I like James’ one he does with Taki Moore called Sales Marketing Profit. I also really like Bootstrapped with Kids, which was a couple of guys in America, and they were really good. I love Startup Chat by Steli Efti and Hiten Shah, and Hiten’s the guy behind Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg. He’s Neil Patel‘s business partner. So, it’s all business and startup-orientated stuff, and all the ones I really like are conversation-based.

Evaldas: And you’ll probably learn a lot as well when you listen too.


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Nicola: Yeah, you really do. I think it has a psychological effect on you listening to podcasts late at night, because I think that as you drift off to sleep, you’re hearing positive, action-orientated, uplifting kinds of content, and I think that’s got to have a good impact on you while you’re asleep.

Evaldas: Yeah, I mean, my research says that when you’re asleep, your brain is still working almost at full capacity. It’s just doing the other things. Maybe arranging your memory.

Nicola: Yes. So, I have to remember to put on the little thing on my iPhone which says, “Finish listening at the end of this podcast,” otherwise I could wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning with people still going on in my ear.

Evaldas: Yeah, nonstop listening overnight, and that’s nice.

Nicola: I was going to say, Evaldas, I think we probably got to know each other through a podcast, haven’t we? Because we must be in a slap group together that’s come out of a podcast.

Evaldas: Yeah, partly. Basically, I’m part of a 7 Day Startup thing from Dan Norris. That’s where I find you.

Nicola: If I would have heard about Dan on a podcast because that’s my main method of finding out about new things nowadays.

Evaldas: Yeah, actually me too.

Nicola: Yeah, cool.

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