Favorite podcasts you should know about

Favorite podcasts you should know about

Evaldas:  As mentioned, which podcast do you listen to?  I’m just curious.

Rob:  Oh goodness!  I think I’m subscribed to forty-one podcasts.  And now, it’s a bit less.  I can tell you a few highlights.  I listen to forty one but a lot of them, some of them only come out once a month, some of them are this little eight-minute science episodes that I listen to with my son.  It’s not really an intense thing, but I’ll give you a couple that I really enjoy.  One is called, it’s a non-technical podcast, called 99% Invisible.

Evaldas: I’ve heard about it, yeah.

Rob:  Man, it’s phenomenal, one of my favorites!  It’s kind of a short form of This American Life, it’s very cool story-telling.  And then, I listen to a show called the Daily Tech News Show with Tom Merritt, and that’s such a really good one that just keeps me informed.  I don’t listen to every word of every episode because it is five days a week, but it helps keep me informed on headlines that are coming out.

*Photo Credit: Flickr.com*

*Photo Credit: Flickr.com*

I listen to a podcast for bootstrappers called Bootstrapped Web, it’s a couple guys talking about starting their little software company, they’re not little but starting their software companies without funding.

And maybe one more, I actually like Gamepunting, which covers tabletop games, they’re on kickstarter in Indiegogo.  So it’s a crowd-funded tabletop games, and I know that’s a pretty tight niche, but I love what these guys make me aware of so many cool games that I otherwise would miss.

Evaldas:  Oh, so you’re a tabletop fan of games?

Rob:  Yeah, I like playing them with my son.  I didn’t play it for years, and now that my son’s almost ten, so we’ve started picking up the habit again.  And actually, one of those podcasts I missed that has definitely been a long-time favorite of mine, is called Tropical MBA.

Evaldas:  Yeah.

Rob:  And it is Dan and Ian’s long-running podcast.

Evaldas:  Actually, it’s one of my favorite podcasts as well.

Rob:  Yep, it’s a good one.  Consistent.

Evaldas:  We’re really entertained a lot.  And of course, we’re informed as well.  So, let me just give you a little bit couple more techspot questions that I always ask my guests. And I would be really interested in your opinion too.

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