Final tips from Marc on how to grow a podcast

Final tips from Marc on how to grow a podcast

Evaldas: Definitely. It’s great advice. That directs me to my last question, what would be the one thing that you would give any podcasters main ingredient for making their show as best as we could when we start out, or maybe two? I mean it depends.

Marc: One, I just mentioned, be patient. For the actual quality of the show, what I would say is don’t be too scripted. I hear a lot of new podcasters that are reading questions or reading things essentially off paper, and it’s okay in the early stages if you’ve got those questions and all that, but you’ll start to when you’re doing enough of them, get the feel for it then you won’t even need that podcast flow. But, I don’t think people want that scripted-hand type of podcast now, I think they want something that’s more conversational. You mentioned it earlier, like they want to listen just like you and I are sitting down at a pub, having a beer, and just shootin the breeze, as opposed to something that’s scripted and robotic. So I’d say just be natural.

The other piece of advice I give people if they’re holding off doing it because of nervousness, just jump in and do it, because it’s a lot of fun. I’ve met a few clients that said that they were a guest to some podcast, they weren’t hosts, but I have one in particular that was definitely afraid to go on a podcast as a guest. She just wouldn’t do it, and finally, I forced her to go on a show and she absolutely loved it. She couldn’t wait to get back on to the next one. So if she could do it then anyone could do it. Don’t hold back or delay, just get out there and do it.

Evaldas: That’s a great advice. So, thank you Marc for your time and can you tell our listeners where we can find you, where they can reach out if they have any questions?

Marc: Sure. The best hub would be to head over to, and that’s got the LinkedIn, that’s the central hub for everything that I’m doing. So

Evaldas: Wonderful. I wish you to stay in shape, and get over of your cold. I feel that you’re getting better already by speaking here.

Marc: I have DayQuil with me here and I’ll be fine. Just fighting off a bit of a cold, but thanks for definitely having me on the show there, and all these, for all that you’re doing too. I think it’s a great concept for the show.

Evaldas: Thanks. I appreciate it, and I hope that I’ll speak with you again, somewhere else, I guess.

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