Food Choices: Choosing between Onigiri and Taiyaki

Food Choices: Choosing between Onigiri and Taiyaki

Evaldas: Yeah. It’s definitely important. And, Anna, which do you prefer onigiri or taiyaki for starters?

Ana: Tell me again. I don’t think I understood.

Evaldas: Which do you prefer? Onigiri or taiyaki for starters? It’s a Japanese meal. Have you heard of them?

Ana: Yeah. I’ve heard of them. I like sushi, but I’m not very knowledgeable about the names of the —

Evaldas: So, onigiri is like a rice bowl and taiyaki is sort of like a fish type of cookie with bean jam inside.

Ana: Okay, in terms of Japanese food, I love the sushi. The salmon sushi is one of my favorites, and I like to try different kind of foods and — like you’re speaking about the languages, they are so rich and when we learn another language, it’s sort of an experience. I think an easy experience is eating food from different countries and knowing a little bit about the culture and the customs through the culinary. One thing that I love when I travel, I love to try the local dishes. Even here in United States, in many cities we have many people, influx of different cultures and then they open their restaurants. It’s a very interesting experiment also is like our palette, also has a workout of experience different ways of flavoring food.

Evaldas: Yeah. I mean, taste is one of our sensations and it’s amazing how we can learn other things just from it.

Ana: Yeah and I like the ethnic restaurants a lot, from Ethiopian restaurant where we eat with hands. Of course, we can also ask for a fork, but I like that experience of going to a restaurant and you are in the different place. In many ways, it’s one of the things that I enjoy of the podcasting world, because we have so much diversity of podcasts out there.

Evaldas: Oh, yeah.

Ana: That it’s almost that you really can go to different little universal cosmos of experiences just having on our phones, smartphone, the podcast app, and search what I feel like listening to today.

Evaldas: Yeah. It’s like bringing you somewhere else every time.

Ana: Yes. For sure.

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