From curiosity to discovery of a podcast career

From curiosity to discovery of a podcast career

Evaldas: Nice choice. So, what actually made you to start your own podcast career?

Jason: Ah, curiosity. Incidentally, back in 2005, the word “podcast” showed up in an email newsletter that I subscribed to at the time, and I was curious. What in the world is podcasting? So, I Googled it, and Google did not know what podcasting was, but I did manage to eventually find a couple blog posts that talked about it. Podcasting was brand, brand, brand new. Hardly anybody knew about it yet.

Evaldas: Just out of oven.

Jason: Yeah, exactly. So, as I started studying this and I saw what it consisted of, I started seeing the potential of it. I didn’t have any proof of whether or not it was going to actually catch on and go anywhere, but I decided that I had enough reason to believe that it would become a significant thing and that it had a huge potential for marketing and teaching and branding.


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So, I decided, “Hey, I want to just dive in and learn as much as I can about this,” and it was already a good fit for my skills because I was a marketer. I was already an online content creator. This was back in 2005. I was already a consultant and I had a technical background as a software engineer, I had a background in audio as a musician.

So, I had all the skills to understand and start doing podcasting, and I figured that, as podcasting caught on, more and more people would need a really good source that wasn’t really technical and full of jargon and words that people didn’t understand, but that rather, they could just, in layman’s terms, understand that, A to Z, here’s how I could start a podcast, and here’s why I might want to for my business, for instance, and that led to me doing a lot of consulting, and speaking, and writing about the topic of podcasting simply because it piqued my curiosity. I followed that curiosity and then I decided to go ahead and build a brand around it.

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