Getting business clients with a podcast

Getting business clients with a podcast

Evaldas:   So, how does your podcast relates to your business, or does it relate in any way?

Beth:  It absolutely relates.  Yeah, I think – You know my business is the Introvert Entrepreneur, so I’m working with introvert entrepreneurs on a daily basis, whether it’s through coaching or speaking engagements or the podcast.  And what the podcast allows for my business is a way to reach people in a different way than the book, or a blogpost, or social media.  It’s just another platform in which I can connect to people and communicate information in a different way.  And I have to say I don’t know that I would have a book, like I don’t know if I would’ve had a book deal if I didn’t have my podcast because the podcast really increased my credibility.  It connected me with influencers and it showed that I could create consistent and high-quality content on a regular basis.  And what I have found is that, so often if somebody contacts me for coaching, they say, “I listen to your podcast.”  So, I don’t sell the coaching on the podcast, I might mention, “You can learn about my coaching services on my website,” but I’m not talking a lot about it.  I think it’s because podcasting is such an intimate form of communication.  It’s your voice.  It’s your breath.  It’s your laughter.  It’s your fumbling around with words and making mistakes, and all of that is going right into somebody’s ears.  So you feel like you know the person who’s talking and I think that, for me as a coach, that’s been really important in establishing a more intimate connection with somebody I don’t know, and I think that it helps them trust me a little bit more.  So they feel safe reaching out to say, “Hey, I wanna learn more about what you do.”

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Evaldas:  Personally, I see a podcast as a very personal thing in me especially if it touches you or interests you or you’re very keen to know more.  And if you can connect with somebody who’s speaking to you or like touches your feelings, that just can really build up a trust quite a bit.

Beth:  Yeah.  Absolutely.

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