Getting Started and Overcoming Struggles

Getting Started and Overcoming Struggles

Nicola: Yeah, so how did I get started? I’ve always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but there were no real entrepreneurs in my family. We were very working class south of England. My mom had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit in that she bought and sold properties and tried to do them up and sell them for more than she bought them for, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. And she was always moving things around. She had this drive to make things better all the time, and I think that’s where the entrepreneurial spirit comes from.

But I had no one to learn from, so I kept starting businesses even from the age of about 8 or 9, but they always failed, and then when I got to about 20 to 25, I was still failing, because I didn’t really understand the difference between being a freelancer and being a business owner, and there is a big difference as anyone who’s read the book, The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber will know, and I really only got to the point when I had two small children and my husband, who worked in the music industry, was going through a series of redundancies. You know, you get a job, and then it may be redundant, and truth be told, he was getting a bit old for the music industry and a bit expensive in terms of salary.

So, we got to this point where we’re just desperate, desperate for cash. Didn’t have any money, two small children, and I had to go out to work again as a secretary, even though I’d been running a record label and running a music company, and done some really cool jobs. But, when it came to just translating my time to cold, hard cash, it turned out that being someone’s secretary was all I was fit for in the eyes of the job agencies I went to.

But, I had a lucky break. I started to read a book called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, which I’m sure many of your listeners will have heard of, and it really showed me that I had to start — that nobody was going to come and rescue me, nobody was going to save me, nobody was going to make it all magically get okay. I had to take responsibility, 100% responsibility for my own life, and I was about 38 at the time. My son, Nelson, was about 2, because I had him when I was about 36, and I had to go out and get a grotty job, as we call it in the UK.

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So, I read that book, and what it did, it really made — I didn’t just read it. I started doing all the exercises in the back, and I know a lot of people read personal development book, or personal shelf development books, as they’re sometimes called, but I actually did the exercises and that made a really big difference, and I started to put it into action, the things that were suggested.

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