Getting started with podcasting and how it became a success

Getting started with podcasting and how it became a success

Evaldas: So, your podcast is now running for quite a while. Do you have any moments when you can reflect and think about the time when you started it?

Ana: Yeah, totally. I started, initially, with another name. It was “Self-Employed Professionals Making a Difference,” was the initial title of the podcast and, intentionally, it was very strategical because I work with self-employed professionals — was to make my branding there and to attract clients that way. But, very soon, I realized that I was getting more attraction of people connecting with me and contacting with me and I’m enjoying more doing it when I was speaking about my favorite topic that was mindset and things around that. Then, I took a decision, “Okay, this is taking me a lot of effort. Let’s make this fun for me. I think I’m going just to go change the name, make it MINDSET ZONE and just focus on that topic that I love.” Because my background is psychology, this is like a second nature for me.

So I rebranded the podcast, I relaunched it again, and it took off. It really took off. It was incredible how the Huffington Post, they did a story that was the “15 Podcast That Will Leave You Pondering Life’s Big Questions” and they selected me. And I saw my podcast next to NPR podcasts. That was surreal and very big name podcasts out there, and that was during the launch so I reached number 1 in iTunes in the new New and Noteworthy in business, managing, marketing, health, self-help, education, training — all categories that I was on.

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Evaldas: Quite a success.

Ana: Yes, and then, seeing people resonating with the message, I think, is the main thing. I think we can make money with podcast, and I think, maybe in the future, I can do money from the podcast, itself, but honestly, for me at the moment it was a way of testing a concept. If there was people out there that would like to listen, speak to me as I speak about these topics is going to be, in the future, an area of content that I want to develop programs around mindset. When that moment arrives, I know that I will build an audience that will help me to launch that.

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