Getting started with podcasting and turning it into a successful, healthy business

Getting started with podcasting and turning it into a successful, healthy business

Evaldas: So, was there like a business type of podcast is your first idea to do about it, or do you have any subjects?

Jason: So, I had three podcasts that I started. So, when I decided, “Hey, I want to be –” I set the goal. I said, “I want to be the foremost expert on business podcasting,” so I knew, “Well, I better start a few podcasts and figure out how this all works.” One of the podcasts was one I’d started just for fun, simply it sounded like a good time, and that was to start a podcast called Gotham Cast about what it was like to live in New York City. I had just moved to New York City in 2005, and I thought that would be fun to just kind of capture that experience because a lot of my friends were always asking me what is it like to live there.

The second podcast I started around that same time was a podcast for podcasters. So, it was a kind of a, “Hey, come along with me on this journey as I figure out what works and what doesn’t work in podcasting. I’ll share that with you and we can kind of grow together as serious podcasters who want to make things happen.”

Then, the third podcast I started, which was also just for fun at first was with a friend who became my business partner, and that was Internet Business Mastery. We didn’t know that was going to grow to be such a huge business that was going to provide for the lifestyle that we have now. But, I think because we were the first ever podcast about internet business, and we were just two guys kind of talking about our experience, it really caught on and people enjoyed that.

So, I started those three podcasts at the same time. Only Internet Business Mastery is still going today. But, it did what I needed. Those podcasts allowed me to learn how it all worked and start teaching it to others and end up growing a healthy business out of it at the same time.

Evaldas: It’s quite an achievement. I mean, you just took quite, totally, a new platform then took it by storm.

Jason: Yeah. I mean, the truth is it took me four or five months to really commit to that idea and that’s because I was worried that it might not work. I mean, there was no proof that podcasting — like I said, I just moved to New York City. New York City’s very expensive. I needed my business to make money. So, to put a lot of time and energy into podcasting was a little bit of a risk because it might not work out, but that’s true of, really, any idea that you pursue, right? In this case, it paid off.

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