Getting to know Ana Melikian

Getting to know Ana Melikian

Evaldas: Aloha, mate! This time, we have our unique guest on our show, Ana Melikian. She is known as the host of the MINDSET ZONE Podcast and the Director of Education for the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training. Ana has a PhD in psychology and coaches people how to bring positive change into their lives. Her passion is exploring their mindset zone and expanding their possibilities. Let us step into the zone together and change our mindset as well. Nice to have you today!

Ana Melikian: It’s wonderful to be here too.

Evaldas: So, when I first listened to your podcast, I was actually really surprised and excited that I’m not the only one, non-English speaker, in this podcast.

Ana: I think we are a few out there. I trained for when I decide to do my podcast. I looked around to see resources and things like that, and the person that I found and decided to do the training with was Cliff Ravenscraft. I don’t know if you are familiar with him. And, yes, several people in his trainings, usually, they are not English speakers and some of them are doing their podcasts mainly to the English-speaking world. So, I think we can find a few of us with accents.

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