Getting to know Chloe Thomas

Getting to know Chloe Thomas

Evaldas: Good day my mate. We are back with CastSource today to make some eCommerce in podcasting, together with Chloe Thomas as my guest. What was her reason to come up with a podcast eCommerce Masterplan which drills down to what I think about online retail business. She’s also a book author writing on eCommerce marketing, delivery of masterplan, and also the new book Customer Manipulation. She also teaches in conferences and various events that we’re going to run through today as well. So let’s start. Hi Chloe!

Chloe Thomas: Hello, how are you?

Evaldas: Thanks. I’m doing fine.

Chloe: Excellent.

Evaldas: How is your day today?

Chloe: The day has been a long one. I was in London yesterday and got home very late, and seem to have all the things to do in the world today, but now I get to chill out and chat with you. So the day is getting better.

Evaldas: Yeah. That’s nice. Where are you originally located in England?

Chloe: I’m right down in the far southwest in Cornwall, so very close to the sea at the moment.

Evaldas: That’s nice. Yeah. For myself actually, I’m living in Malta right now, so I’ll see you around.

Chloe: Yeah. You’re probably closer to the sea than I am right now.

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