How Chloe copes up with with her everyday life

How Chloe copes up with with her everyday life

Evaldas: Yeah, it’s nice. When did you realize that you can follow that kind of schedule? Is this something you would have work out little by little, or is it like one day about this idea?

Chloe: Oh no, no. It’s been a series of kind of reading what someone thinks, or what someone else thinks, saying what works, deciding that that’s what I’m going to do. Then not having the discipline to stick to it. So I find it very very difficult to say no. Somebody will go, “Well, can I meet you this week? Why does it have to be next week?” I’ll go, “Oh yeah, I’ll do it morning,” and then inevitably they want it to be at 11 o’clock, which just totally ruins the creativity of the entire waiting for one and a half hour conversation, that quite often is not a conversation I had any interest in anyway. So yeah, it’s taken a long time of kind of growing a bit of a backbone, learning how to say no and realizing that it works. But I still, like everyone does, you know what works, you know what works. Then you’ll allow it to slip, thinking “No, it’s fine. It’s fine,” and then all of a sudden you get a sharp reminder of why you were right the first time and change back to it. But I think you have to listen to yourself and work out what works for you personally, because it really does change from person to person.

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Evaldas: Yeah definitely. I mean, we’re all doing mistakes, sometimes we cannot encode those lessons in ourselves.

Chloe: Exactly.

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