How curiosity can lead to success

How curiosity can lead to success

Evaldas: I think that’s one of the success stories, I think, when Roman Mars did the 99% Invisible, he had sort of a background from a radio and he took it very seriously, and after five or how many years, he’s one of the most successful shows in today’s iTunes charts.

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Jason: Yeah, absolutely, and I think his show is an excellent example of, I imagine, just following his curiosity about things. I think most good storytellers and curators, that’s one of their key assets, is their own curiosity. I mean, take Malcolm Gladwell, for instance, he’s even said, “All I’ve ever done is just follow what interests me, and thankfully, there are a million of people interested in the same things,” and that’s why he has bestselling books.

Evaldas: Almost 7 billion people on Earth, there’s probably a lot of people that will share same interests. So, I have all these sections like a tech spot that I would like to ask my guests, and I would like to ask, as well, a couple of questions of that.

Jason: Sure.

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