How did Colin Gray get his start in podcasting

How did Colin Gray get his start in podcasting

Evaldas: Yeah, and how old are you having doing this?

Colin: I’ve been working it myself for about 10 years now, and I’ve been podcasting since about 2007 or 2008, teaching podcasting since probably about a year after that. The Podcast Host itself started the website in 2010. I started writing about my experience in podcasting about that point, and the form is now — that started probably at the start of or end of 2014. So probably, a year and a half now or so in the form that is now offering courses and production services.

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Evaldas: Alright. So what you have is a deep background and quite a bit of experience as you would say.

Colin: Yeah, a fair but yeah, I’ve got guys working here as well who’ve got a lot of experience in podcasting as well. So here we’ve got over 20 years worth of experience probably in the team and other people we work with as well. So yeah.

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