How Jason Stays motivated in challenging times

How Jason Stays motivated in challenging times

Evaldas: Yeah, it can be hard, but would you say that it actually even can drive you forward if you don’t slack off with some of that?

Jason: Well, yeah, that’s the thought, like a lot of us think that we can’t be too nice on ourselves or else we’ll slack off and not stay motivated. Now, the research actually shows that if you are too self-critical too often that it leads to lack of motivation, depression, and it’s actually very counterproductive.


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So, if you’re constantly using guilt and shame and criticism to motivate yourself, it will take a toll and actually backfire. So, it’s an important balance and the science shows just the opposite too that if you learn how to have appropriate amounts of healthy self-talk and care that it builds up motivation and creativity and actually allows you to, more likely, open up to reaching your goals. So, at least that’s what I’m learning as I read about it.

Evaldas: Yeah, it’s best if you can apply and actually see the results.

Jason: Absolutely.

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