How Jason values transcriptions

How Jason values transcriptions

Evaldas: Yeah, testing’s crucial, and what about transcripts? Do you see any value in them?

Jason: What about what now? What was –?

Evaldas: Transcripts.

Jason: Transcripts. So, yeah, we used to do transcripts way back when. I don’t think we’ve done them for a little while. I just think we didn’t see that many people hitting those pages, but I do know that there’s certainly advantages and it’s something that’s worth experimenting with because, obviously, for search engines, audio does not get indexed. So, I know that’s one reason people like to do transcripts is that, hopefully, those pages do get indexed and crawled and some people come to your site. So, yeah, if you do transcripts, I think being — I wouldn’t just do a transcript and throw it on your site anymore. I think it’s important to, maybe, take it a little bit further and — I don’t have a definitive answer for that.

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Evaldas: No worries.

Jason: Here’s what I’m trying to say. If you’re going to repurpose it strategically, don’t be lazy with it. It’s like, “Oh, I’m just going to get transcripts and throw it on my site,” but it’s like, “Okay, I’m going to get it and, maybe, break it down and have it cleaned up to be one or two or three blog posts, or I’m going to make an ebook, or I’m going to slice it up into some sound bites to be tweets as well that go out in Twitter or Facebook page.”

So, if you’re going to do that, I think you should just be strategic and actually put some thought into how you use that content, rather than just simply, “Oh, let’s get a transcript and throw it on my –” I don’t know. Maybe that can end up getting you some traffic too. It seems like when we were doing just the transcript and post it to our site, we weren’t seeing a whole lot of traction out of that extra effort.

So, I feel like the people I’ve seen that have done the best with transcripts is because they’ve strategically repurposed that content, and by transcribing it, they just had that to work with readily and easily to put into the different formats.

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