How podcasting benefits Josh’s business

How podcasting benefits Josh’s business

Evaldas: You probably have quite a good background if there’s waves or something. So, I’m also interested too, you’ve mentioned that you have your business and you’re sort of involved in Meteor. Is there any kind of relationship to your podcast and your business? I mean, does your business benefit from your podcasting or you do podcasting just for yourself?

Josh: That’s hard to measure. I was having a conversation with someone the other day and we were talking about the benefits, this very question, the benefits of the podcast to the day-to-day business that I’m trying to build to earn an income to feed my family and that kind of stuff, and part of it is I get direct sponsorship dollars and I use that for things like this nice mic or these nice headphones, but I think there’s an intangible part that is hard to measure, like if someone comes to me and says, “I need you to build a Meteor website,” sometimes I’ll ask them, “Hey, what made you want to come to me?” I’ll get different responses. Sometimes it’s, “I read one of your blog posts,” or, “I listen to your podcast,” or something like that.

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That stuff is not always easy to pinpoint that that’s where your referrals are necessarily coming from. But, I’m selling the mastering Meteor course on a website. It’s hard for me to gauge — like I have 4,500 people on a mailing list. I don’t know where exactly did they first hear about me, and if they turn it into a lead later, or something like that, I don’t know where they came from. So, I think that that’s like an intangible benefit that you can’t easily measure, but it’s definitely there.

Evaldas: I mean, that’s how I see it, like anyone who’s looking for someone to consult, let’s say, about Meteor, and you put yourself in front of your audience already, and people sort of trust you. As I see it, it puts you a lot more above anyone else who is not known, in general, on internet. At least, if you Google someone, it won’t come up in the first page.

Josh: Yeah, definitely.

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