How The MerryMaker Sisters Launched Their Podcast

How The MerryMaker Sisters Launched Their Podcast

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Carla:  We’ve just tried to learn as much as we can and try to implement as many things to try and see what works, and a podcast has been something on our radar for ages and we’ve wanted to do it but we weren’t really sure or we weren’t really sure what we would talk about or who we would interview. But, yeah, we kind of came up with this idea like last couple months ago.

Emma: Yeah.

Carla: And we all whipped in our recipes all about starting things in seven days. And he said to us, “Oh, I’m doing this challenge – this seven days challenge – you should do your podcast as part of that.” So we were like, “Well, alright. We’ll do it.”

Emma: Yeah, so we literally just followed the steps. Carla is the one who did it all because she’s more “techy” and literally we just set it out and we got all the interviews locked in and we launched it. I mean, it took a little bit longer than seven days because getting all the interviews in. But, pretty much, it was all — like the tech stuff was launched in seven days and it’s been such a fun and smooth process. I think that’s the biggest sign that you’re doing something right when a project just goes really well.

Evaldas: So what actually made you came up with a podcast? This decision, was it Dan Norris? that pushed you or you just wanted, as you said? Is there any main reason why you wanted the podcast?

Emma: Yeah, as I said, we’re really passionate about people doing cool stuff, like just following their dreams, following their passion. And we felt really blessed in that we’ve met all of these people doing that. And whenever we meet someone following their bliss, it’s like we get expanded and we’ve learned so much from them. And it’s going to conferences and going to events and meeting them face to face. And we kind of thought, “Well, not everybody has the privilege of going to events or going to conferences and meeting these amazing people. So we thought, “Well, why don’t we just interview them on our podcast and they can get inspired that way?” And also we’re really excited kind of by our own journey in that we knew nothing about online business but we’ve been able to turn it into a really great business without knowing anything. So our plan is to also share our journey to our listeners to inspire them as well and so that they can learn and feel empowered to take action and create their own businesses.

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Evaldas: Nice, by giving the steps and the right tools and ideas for everyone that wants to replicate your success.

Carla: Yeah, we like to sort of share stories of funny times and struggles because it can get really hard. But I guess we just put this positive spin on things where we’ve just seen all those struggles as blessings in disguises. Like we didn’t really have anyone telling us this. We just had each other to follow each other. We know that a lot of people are doing their entrepreneurial journey alone. So I think it’s really important to stay connected and that’s really what we want to do with the podcast.

Emma: Yeah, connect people, make people think that this is possible, that they can do it. Because a lot of people, they have these ideas and they just don’t take any action and they just sit there and then they think about the idea and nothing ever happens. So we really want to inspire people to just take one small step. After small step, action. After action, toward their journey, toward their bliss to make it happen. Because that’s really all it takes is just taking those small actions and then that’s what creates amazing results.

Evaldas: As we say, every one thousand mile journey begins with the first step.

Carla: Yeah, exactly.

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