How to find a niche for your show

How to find a niche for your show

Evaldas:  So, why is the introvert topic so attractive to you, to start a podcast about it?

Beth:  I’m an introvert myself, and when I founded the Introvert Entrepreneur in May of 2010, which is just basically a month before I started the podcast.  So the introvert topic is—I’ve always been kind of this contrarian or root for the underdog kind of person, and to me especially as I grew an awareness of how introverts are perceived by society, I realized that introverts has kind of been the underdog, at least here in the United States, it’s a very extroverted culture.  So a person who exhibits introverted traits which would be outwardly, being maybe more quiet, more reserved, not being as talkative, not being as expressive and diffusive as their extrovert counterparts.  Not always, but typically there’s that tendency.  And not being quite as, as BIG of a charismatic presence to people, or at least what they expect.  And so introverts have been kind of marginalized and so I think it appealed to that root for the underdog in me.  And it’s something I’ve long been interested in personality types and what makes us tick, and this seemed to like a place to be able to really make a difference and to have a really good conversation about a group of folks who have been kind of pushed off to the edges, that have tremendous power and tremendous strengths and abilities that have been traditionally overlooked.  So, how we can spring those out.

*Photo Credit: Flickr*

*Photo Credit: Flickr*

Evaldas:  Basically, like being the introvert who have to put so much more, in terms of life, you have to go out and meet other people and engage in terms of like if you compare to extroverts.  And probably the society pressure’s also pretty big.  One of the reason why you want it to get out.

Beth:  Exactly.  Exactly.  To kind of shift and say, “You know, just because I don’t go to every party, or don’t wanna go to the happy hour, or don’t go to five networking events a week, usually it just means, I’m very strategic with my energy and I’m going to choose to go to things that I know are going to give me a benefit, and where I can be present in that or I can provide a benefit to others.

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