How to get your podcast content noticed

How to get your podcast content noticed

Evaldas: Google Translate, of course. You’ve been doing podcasting for quite a while, and if you remember in your first days when you started out, what kind of memories turn up right now, if you think about it?

Nicola: Well, it’s so exciting in the early days, and when I first started the Business Success Factory Interview Podcast, I didn’t know anything about how to get noticed or how to promote it or anything like that. Then, since then, there are two tuitions that are very good. One is free, and Pat Flynn does a podcast tutorial, which is all about how to get yourself up and running with the technical side of it, really. So, that’s very good. Go and check that out. Then I joined Podcasters’ Paradise, which is the John Lee Dumas community, and John Lee Dumas, as we all know, has got the most successful podcast, pretty much, in history.

Evaldas: Yeah, that’s right.

Nicola: A multi-million dollar business out of it in about four or five years. So, I joined Podcasters’ Paradise, and that’s extremely good for not just the technical side of it, but how to promote it. For example, I learned that if you launch your podcast with five episodes, and then you regularly release your further episodes. So, you’re always on a Friday morning. You’re quite likely to get into — oh, and if you encourage people to give you reviews in the first 16 weeks, you’re very likely to get into the New and Noteworthy section, which gets your podcast off to a bit in a galloping start with subscribers. Then, after that, you move into the What’s Hot shot, if you’re lucky, and the key to the What’s Hot shot, again, is consistency, and having good eye-catching artwork and continuing to get good reviews.

So, that’s really helped the Own It! podcast get momentum more than the interview podcast did. I thought the interview podcast would do better because the people who I was interviewing with would share it, but most of them didn’t. A few notable exceptions, Ryan Levesque of the Ask book.

*Photo Credit: LibraryMakerSpace*

*Photo Credit: LibraryMakerSpace*

Evaldas: Oh, I have heard of him.

Nicola: He’s very good. It’s a very good book and he’s a very cool guy. He was fantastic. He spread the word about his episode far and wide, and then some other people put it on their social media on rotation, and that’s a real good trick is if you use something like then you can put all your back episodes on a rotating tweet and share on Facebook basis. I also get my social media person who does all that for me now. She shares all the back episodes in rotation on Instagram as well. So, there’s quite a lot you can do to promote your podcast in the early days that gets it off to a flying start.

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