Jason likes to play Agar.io and other “simple” games

Jason likes to play Agar.io and other “simple” games

Evaldas: Wonderful. So, I want to sidetrack a little bit and give you your first exercise, as I promised before. So, imagine — I heard that you’re like an arcade game sort of geek fan —

Jason: A what? What kind of game?

Evaldas: Arcade, like Atari and you know.

Jason: Well… So, that’s the theme of the podcast. I would say I definitely don’t call myself a gamer, but I would say that if I have to play a game, it’s usually kind of the old old school arcade games. I mean, the new ones — I don’t want to sound like an old person, but the newer games where it requires, a computer where it requires super complicated key combinations. Or, on a controller, if it requires just a high learning curve. I mean, I don’t have time for that, so I tend to like really simple games. The one that I’m kind of obsessed with now is Agar.io, and it’s not really old school, but it’s super simple. So, it’s Agar.io, and you’re basically just a circle and your goal is to eat others circles that are smaller, and when you eat them, you get bigger.

Evaldas: Oh, yeah. I know that.

Jason: Yeah, so it’s kind of like fish, right? Like fish can eat some other fish and they get bigger, and your goal is to get to be the biggest. And the thing is, there’s no way to win. Like you can be the biggest, but eventually, people will gang up on you, and there’s also atrophy. You actually shrink down through inaction, so you can’t just get big and then just sit there forever. So, yeah, I like those types of games, and Mario games and those types of things.

But, the branding here on the site, we just wanted something that was kind of unique and had kind of a unique and interesting look and feel to it. I think a lot of people, now, because nailing — you know, having really, really good graphics is getting harder and harder, so you see a lot of people that are sort of cheating by going back to the retro style of graphics, and I would say that that was one of the cheats that we did. It’s easier to come up with a good retro logo than it is to come up with whatever the latest design methodology was, because I don’t understand that at all.

Evaldas: Yeah, I mean, it’s sort of an issue. I think it fits well with your general topics and the audience you’re targeting, in a sense.

Jason: Yeah, and now we actually have a theme that matches that too. So, we have that really awesome theme at the beginning that is just amazing.

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