Jason Shares His Love for Bike Riding

Jason Shares His Love for Bike Riding

Evaldas: I call it a challenge, but more like a situation that you can get out of. So, do you like driving cars or motorcycles?

Jason: I used to own a BMW GS1100. I loved riding that bike. So, yes, I love motorcycles. I don’t have one now because I’m 44 years old, and if I fall over, it takes a really long time to heal. Cars, I’m not a car guy. I always get the cheapest car that I can get, and the unfortunate thing is I’m in the middle of buying a new car because I just got a puppy who does not fit in my car. Yeah, she’s a Rottweiler, so she does not fit in the car anymore, so I’m buying an SUV for the first time in my life, which is very disconcerting because I always make fun of people with SUVs.

Evaldas: Well, it is the United States.

Jason: I know, I know. Well, see, that’s the thing. It’s just like I would always walk into the car dealership and say, “Give me the cheapest car you have on the lot,” and for the past 2008, 2007? So, the past eight years, I’ve had a Ford Focus, which is a great car. I love Fords. They run until they just fall apart. My whole family are Ford families, and most of our cars, and surprisingly enough, you think about Mercedes when you think about the quarter million mile club, the half million mile club. Fords go just as long. My dad’s car has 300,000 miles on it, and my car, I only have 64,000 miles on it, but I just said, “I need a big one,” so, yes, I bought an SUV, and picking it up tomorrow.

Evaldas: Wow, congratulations on that.

Jason: I don’t know if that’s — it could be more like sympathies on that, because now I’m going to be driving like a soccer mom car. But, guess what, my giant puppy that will eat your face if you cut me off will be in the backseat.

Evaldas: Yeah, just as an insurance.

Jason: Yep.

Evaldas: Alright, so imagine you’re in busy Tokyo at this time and you need to get from one point to another in a certain time limit or amount of time, and let’s say you have like your favorite motorcycle, what kind of strategy would you use to make it in time?

Jason: I’d cut everybody off and just be a jerk. Get there. If you’ve got to go someplace, you got to go someplace. Come on, you know? That’s how you do it. If it’s Tokyo, though, probably the subway. But, if I’m on my favorite motorcycle, which is probably, and this is the funny thing, I did have this giant BMW motorcycle, which was a big roadster, but I loved dirt bikes. I raced dirt bikes from when I was 14, and I would rather have a Suzuki or a Yamaha dirt bike and be able to cut in and out of traffic like a fiend.

Evaldas: Just get on the grass and get dirty?

Jason: Yep, absolutely. I used to race in apple orchards until I hit a tree one time, which my mom was not very happy with because of the doctor bills. Yeah, that broken leg didn’t really make her very happy, but I loved racing in apple orchards, doing slaloms and stuff like that. So, I can dodge in and out of traffic, no problem.

Evaldas: Yeah, it’s the benefit of the bike if you’re in traffic filtering and stuff like other things.

Jason: Yeah, these big road bikes, because I think my BMW weighed like 900 pounds and you couldn’t even pick it up by yourself. If you’ve ever watched Long Way Round or Long Way Down, Ewan McGregor documentary with his buddy Charlie, where they went all around the world on motorcycles. Basically, that’s the same bike that I had, and you had to have somebody else help you pick it up if you dropped it. Fortunately, I never dropped it, but I’m more about the let’s get some dirt bikes. Let’s get some Enduros and be able to ride on the street, be nimble.

Evaldas: Yeah, KTMs are good on those.

Jason: Yeah, yeah, the KTMs. I love KTMs. I would love to have one of those. What are the other ones? Single-cylinder? Husqvarnas. I’d love to have one of those. That’s my second go-to. KTM, Husqvarna, and those BMWs, those things will just run forever. They’re great bikes.

*Photo Credit: BootsBoatSandBikes.Co.Uk*

*Photo Credit: BootsBoatSandBikes.Co.Uk*

Evaldas: So, let’s get back to podcasting.

Jason: Okay. Hey, you asked. I’m just telling you.

Evaldas: No, I am interested myself. I am also a little biker.

Jason: Oh, nice. What do you have?

Evaldas: Actually, a couple months ago, I bought a KTM 390.

Jason: Oh, awesome!

Evaldas: Yeah, so I’m just also starting out, but yeah, it’s a great experience.

Jason: Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to tie in motorcycles in podcasting because when we were doing Grumpy Old Geeks, like around episode 30, we had a guy that was on a road trip through Africa and he was listening to our podcast in Africa and sending us posts from all the different countries that he went to, which was really cool. He’s like, “Oh, I’m in Kenya today. I’m going to the Congo,” and every week, he would just send us road trips, but he was listening to our podcast while he was doing that motorcycle trip, which was one of the greatest coolest things, because we were just getting started. It’s just like he’s just digging the show and out for a ride. I’m just like, “Man, that’s fun.” I just wanted to fly over and go for a ride with him, but yeah.

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