Jason Teaches You How to Shrug Off Someone Who is Tailing You

Jason Teaches You How to Shrug Off Someone Who is Tailing You

Evaldas: Yeah, I think it’s good perspective, and you listen to yourself then you catch yourself and you do something wrong and then, “Oh, I did this before. I know when this sounds bad, so now I can do it better,” or something. At least you can improve. I heard, Jason, that you are into spy things.

Jason: Spy things?

Evaldas: Yeah, you like spy stories.

Jason: Oh, absolutely. I mean, part of Grumpy Old Geeks is we do a segment called “Security, HAH!” because there is no security. But, yes, I’ve always been a fan of detectives, and spies, and the Cold War, and what we did back then, all that stuff. I love that kind of thing. We talked to Steve Rambam on The Art of Charm, who was one of my favorite interviews because, you know, it’s cool to hear what these guys do. I had a phone call with a CIA agent this week. It’s like you get to talk to these people and they’re like, “Oh man, you wouldn’t believe what we did, but I can’t talk about it because it’s classified.” I’m like, “Ah, damn.”

*Photo Credit: TheArtOfCharm.Com*

*Photo Credit: TheArtOfCharm.Com*

Evaldas: But, even off microphone, it’s always very hard, you can see.

Jason: Unfortunately, most of these people are disciplined enough to not actually say it even when you tell them the microphone’s off. They won’t tell you, which sucks.

Evaldas: Alright, so the next challenge is actually you have to spot a spy inside the metro in Tokyo, and what would you look for? Any kind of signs in a person or maybe somehow provoke it?

Jason: Oh, that’s easy. You change trains. You change cars. And I know this one’s cliché, but you tie your shoes and you look at who’s looking at you. That’s basic tradecraft like dodging any kind of tail or finding a tail. You look for the same people, and there’s also when you’re dealing with a really good group, they always swap people out, but there’s so many easy ways to find a tail, honestly. And the tying the shoe thing is the really funny one because it works. It actually works. So, you tie your shoe in front of a shop window so you can look at the entire street scene, and see who is actually checking you out while you do it. The good people who are actually tailing you will keep walking and then they’ll swap out teams on the next block, change of direction. I mean, this is just basic tradecraft 101 when it comes to losing a tail. But, even on the Tokyo subway, you jump trains, you go back a station, you come back to the next station, and as you’re switching trains, you can easily spot who’s checking you out.

Evaldas: Just follow my eyes on someone.

Jason: Yeah, just look who’s looking at you. Switching cars is the easiest one to do, because if you switch cars and then switch trains, you can tell who’s going to follow you to the next train because nobody gets off one train going in one direction to get on a train going the opposite direction.

Evaldas: Yeah, that’s good advice. Someone needs to —

Jason: Yeah, if you’re trying to lose a tail. I don’t think many people listening to a show about podcasting are trying to lose a tail, but if they are, there’s your advice.

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