Jason tells us how his podcast got started

Jason tells us how his podcast got started

Evaldas: So, can you give us a little bit of insight on your show, how it got started, and what was the original reason why you started that way and took that kind of topic?

Jason: So, we can sort of rewind the clock, probably, almost five years. So, the podcast only started two years ago, but I think the roots are probably in about five years ago. So, I had actually hired Carl at a different company that I was working with, and him and I always had really intriguing technical conversations, and along with some other people. And him and I, just for the longest time, were like, “You know, we’re having these great conversations. We should just start a podcast so that other people can listen in. You know, nothing complicated,” and it was really just we never quite passed that threshold where we’re like, “Okay, let’s actually start doing it.”

So, years went on and we kept bringing it up, probably like in a monthly basis or every few months. I was on the phone with him, actually, at one point, probably about a month before we started the podcast. I was actually walking on a beach in California and I called him and I don’t remember if he called me or if I called him. But, I said, “Let’s just do this. There’s no other way to get started. We just have to do it and either fail or be a success. There’s nowhere in between. We just got to try and do it.”

So, I proposed recording episode 0, which doesn’t exist right now. So, I said, “Let’s record episode 0. Let’s talk about starting the podcast, and in that episode, we’ll actually record it and pretend like we’re publishing it as a show. We did that and we listened to it, and we’re like, “Okay, I think we might have something of value to somebody here,” and then we went ahead and we recorded episode 1. So, we could have started any time, but it was just a matter of like, “Let’s just actually start it,” and I think that’s like the biggest hurdle, because once you get going, once you open that door, things get a lot easier.

So, you know, it’s all about having the conversations that we were already having, but to record them and provide value to other people. We just do it for ourselves. We’re not doing it for anybody else. His job doesn’t require it, my job doesn’t require it. We really do it just on our own time.

Then, the other thing was I get to talk to anybody. You probably had this experience, but it’s amazing when you’re running your own podcast, nobody says no to you as a guest. Maybe I’ve just been a little — maybe I’ve been lucky, I don’t know, but I can pick anybody at almost any level, and we really haven’t pushed our luck on this. We haven’t ask Satya Nadella on as a guest or something like that. We’ve gone pretty high and just nobody says no. Everybody’s excited to help out and promote themselves and get their information out there, especially the various program managers at Microsoft. They’re passionate about whatever their product is, and they just want to talk about it and they really don’t care who’s listening. If they can get anybody’s ear, they will talk to them.

So, for me, it was being able to talk to those people, and then also using it as a learning tool. So, if there’s something that I don’t understand that I hear about — I’ll just pick a random topic, like Hadoop. So, I keep hearing the word “Hadoop”, so let’s say I want to learn more about it. Well, let’s have a guest on that can talk about that topic and, guess what? I get to ask all the questions that I really wanted to know about it, and it’s the greatest way for me to actually learn about things. I can learn more in that hour and also some of the time leading up to that. I can learn more in that period of time more by running the podcast than any other way. You know, I could sit there and I could try to write some code or read a book or whatever. None of them are as valuable as talking to the person who lives and breathes it and is able to give me that super insightful information. So, those were the main motivators for us starting it.

Evaldas: Yeah, that’s quite an insightful story you got. Yeah, but I agree probably with most of things. I mean, it’s fun and then, as you said, you get to talk to people you wouldn’t imagine that we would just talk to you in general if you don’t have your podcast.

Jason: Yeah, and then to just give you an example of people not saying no, I mean, you reached out and I said, “Heck yeah, I’ll come on.” I don’t really even ask any questions about it. I don’t know how many listeners or any other background information, but we love talking about the msdevshow. We’re just happy to talk about it. It’s something that we love and whoever will listen to us, we’ll talk to them.

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