Jason’s patterns in life and how it motivates him

Jason’s patterns in life and how it motivates him

Evaldas: I’m sure every day is different for you, but do you see some kind of pattern in your life that you, maybe, would like to share that with all our listeners?

Jason: Pattern? Let’s see… This is a great question because it is important to know what are those recurring themes or trends in your life that lead to you creating your best work, and also experiencing the most fulfillment for yourself.

For me, that’s when I — I mean, a pattern has been, for many, many years now has been teaching. I found out that even though my degree was not in teaching, even though my first job was not in teaching that I’m happiest when I’m in a position that I do get to teach others, which has led me to being, essentially, a consultant, a trainer for entrepreneurs for many years now, specifically through the internet. So, that’s one pattern that shows up a lot and I think that the more you can figure out what those facets are for yourself, the more you’ll find yourself with a vision that fuels you that you’ll find yourself doing work that gets you excited in the morning to get going.

*Photo Credit: DoctorDisruption.com*

*Photo Credit: DoctorDisruption.com*

Another example for me is that it’s very important that I follow my curiosity regularly. Now, obviously, curiosity, if all I’m doing is chasing squirrels, so to speak, then you can get very distracted, right? But, I do find that it’s important that I schedule in regular doses of time to be able to just kind of follow my curiosity wherever it goes because that’s sometimes when I come up with some of my best ideas, and it also is constantly filling my brain up with raw fuel that allows me to be a better creator of content and ideas. So, learning, teaching, curiosity, those are all patterns that show up quite often in my life, just to name a few.

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