Josh Owens on getting started with podcasting

Josh Owens on getting started with podcasting

Evaldas: I know the feeling. So, being a listener of you last week in a conference and your podcast as well, and it sounds efficient actually to have opportunity to speak to you in person. Being exposed for hours to podcast, I would say, feels like I know you better than my neighbor next door.

Josh: Ah, that’s funny! Yeah. Yeah, I get that from time to time. I’ve actually been podcasting for 11 years now. I started with Web 2.0 Show back in 2005, like late 2005, and I’ve just kind of been doing it ever since. There was a short break between Web 2.0 Show and then I started one called, which was more about scaling web apps, and I tried my hand at video for that. That was fun. I don’t know. It’s still weird to be like people come up and be like, “I listen to you all the time,” and I’m like, “Okay.” Half the time, I say so much stuff on the show, I don’t even remember some of the little things. They’ll be like, “Oh yeah, you said this and it was amazing,” and I’m like, “I totally forget saying that.”

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Evaldas: Yeah, it happens all the time. I mean, people memorize the different things and sort of relate in different kind of ways. I think that’s wonderful about podcasting as a medium for that.

Josh: Yeah.

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