Josh’s podcasting tips for beginners

Josh’s podcasting tips for beginners

Evaldas: One last question I also ask everyone, and it’s sort of probably very helpful tomorrow. Then, it says whoever is listening right now, what would you recommend if someone starts out with a podcast, like one or two or three things that he or she should do to make the podcast better.

Josh: Step one, set up Simplecast and just get it done. Step two, for me, is invest in quality recording equipment. Having good audio — so, a good example is like Ben Strahan just started Transmission and he’s got a quality audio set up, but Soshko didn’t, and that was the number one complaint that I heard from other people was like, “He needs a better mic.” I think that that kind of stuff is super important. I think having quality audio equipment signals to people that you’re kind of serious about what you’re doing. So, I would say that that’s probably my biggest piece of advice. Then, the third piece is like, just don’t ever be afraid to approach people. The worse they’re ever going to say is, “No,” and you’re no worse off for having asked then if you didn’t ask at all. So, I probably had more yes’s than no’s when I asked people when I was doing Web 2.0 Show. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone say, “No, I don’t want to come on this SpaceDojo Show,” since I’ve started doing that over the last year. So, people are always willing to talk about what they’re working on or what they find interesting, and just aim for the stars and ask, “Who’s crazy? Who could I ask to come on this show that would be amazing and just ask him?”

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Evaldas: Yeah, I mean, some people say, “Not trying is failing sort of, like actually feeling –“

Josh: Yes, exactly.

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