Living the Tropical Island Dream

Living the Tropical Island Dream

Evaldas: So, you mentioned  a thing in your podcast and I’m just curious, some island that you would like to — I’m just interested. What was the island about?

Nicola: One of my podcast I do with a lady called Judith Morgan, and she’s my ex-business partner in one of my businesses and we’re still very good friends. And she’s a great foil for me because I’m very techy and business-orientated and very factual, and she’s an accountant. She’s an ex-accountant, so she knows her numbers. She’s not any sort of pushover, but she is very law of attraction-orientated. She’s quite what we call woo woo in the UK.

So, when we talk about a topic, we’re bringing very different viewpoints to it, and I really would love to go and live in a place called Stoupa in the south of Greece. It’s a peninsula. It’s just beautiful. I love it there, and she would really love to go and stay on a Caribbean island called Saint Martin. She’s been there a few times and she thinks it would be possible to work from there, and I’ve been to Stoupa for three months and I think it would be possible to work from there. But I can’t tear myself away from the children yet.

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Evaldas: So, this is your like a dream sort of location? Almost like a tropical island.

Nicola: Yeah, it is. It’s just like that. It’s a peninsula, so it’s nearly an island. So, my kids are 18 and 20, and they still very much need their mom around, especially as they’re just getting to the stage where they’re getting interested in the internet marketing themselves, because they’ve done their stints working in pubs for minimum wage. Yeah, so I want to hang around and get them started on internet marketing, and then when their lives are taking off a bit, I’ll go and live in Stoupa.

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