Making a difference with your show

Making a difference with your show

Evaldas:  So these days, there are so many podcast on business startups and you name it.  Why should the listeners tune in to yours?

Beth:  Mine is one of the few that actually focuses on introverts, for one thing.  And as I was saying before, when people put together information especially about building a business, just like society has this extroverted slant and extrovert expectations, the material that we put out for entrepreneurs and business owners, and even leaders can have that extrovert expectation as well.  So my podcast really does try to focus in on interviewing people that are going to talk about their own experience from an introvert perspective, and how they basically created a business their own way.  Introverts can get a little frustrated listening to or reading things that are constantly telling them, that they have to get out there and be big, and be faster, be bigger and better and not that we don’t want those things, but the way that we achieve them is going to be different.  It’s gonna look and feel different to us.

*Photo Credit: Flickr*

*Photo Credit: Flickr*

So, my goal with the podcast is to really speak to that desire to build a business on your own terms.  And I’m not always interviewing introverts, I think it’s also interesting cos sometimes I’m interviewing an extrovert, but usually it’s someone who works with introverts and he’s developed an understanding of them, or has an interesting perspective that I think introverts can learn from.  Just as I think extroverts can learn from introverts.  So that’s I think what differentiates it from a lot of the other podcast that speaks to business owners.

Evaldas:  So basically just learning from someone else, as I also can give you some more insight and idea beyond that.

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