Making mindset changes that stick

Making mindset changes that stick

Evaldas: Yeah. I mean, that really gave me an additional confidence boost just to go ahead and do it anyway. I see many people doing that. So, how many mindsets have you been changing today?

Ana: That is a question for the people that listen to my podcast, but hopefully, a lot more than change for me, is people — like we go to the gym or go for a walk or try to keep physically active and fit, I think we should put some energy to, and help our mind to be fit and flexible, and that is one of my intentions behind my podcast, to give this kind of mindset workout that can help people to see things from different perspectives. But, I think it’s there where change begins.

Evaldas: Yeah. I like one saying when it comes to using your mind or brain is we say, “you either use it or you lose it.”

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Ana: Yes, yes. We have this potential that is incredible and a few of us, including myself, are on the majority, I think we are not using to its potential and we can do things about it. We can use a little bit more.

Evaldas: Definitely, and another thing I discovered is what actually a wonderful tool our brain is. I mean, even just listening to different sounds like different people, how we pronounce English, it’s actually very different and the thing that we can actually understand in general and really comprehend what another person is saying, I think it’s really a miracle. Not for us. I mean, probably, mostly, people just take it for granted but it’s a really amazing tool we have.

Ana: Totally, totally.

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